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At Gage Painting Inc. we put quality and customer service first when it comes to Wallcovering or Wallpaper - Repair services. Gage Painting Inc. is a painting contractor locally owned and operated with 35 years of experience in the Wallcovering or Wallpaper - Repair services. Gage Painting Inc. takes pride in their quality work, will be on time and finish on time. For Free Estimates, call today at (505) 323-2755.
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Gage Painting Inc. have 35 years of experience offering Honesty, Quality Wallcovering or Wallpaper - Repair work and easy to communicate with we will be there when we say we will. Gage Painting Inc. are proud to offer our customers high quality, reliable, safe, and competitive paint contracting when it comes to Wallcovering or Wallpaper - Repair services. Guaranteed Professional Quality Work, Residential and Commercial. For Free Estimates, call Gage Painting Inc. today at (505) 323-2755.
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Wallcover or wallpaper is an option for covering a wall besides painting it. There are many types of coverings available in almost any color, print or faux texture. Covering a wall takes careful preparation of the wall and there are materials required to take it off as well. There are many different ways to remove wallcoverings or wallpaper without damaging the walls behind it. When it is in need of repair it is important to decide how large a section must be removed and replaced.

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